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Cell Phone Battery Reconditioning Methods

  Cell phones are very important parts of our daily life. These gadgets require active batteries to work all time.  Phones are dead and work no more with a powerless battery.  Batteries require reconditioning for their long life so we can use more our cell phones. All of us knows very well that mobile batteries are not very cheap but expensive and more than 60% users changes their gadgets with buying new one in high prices. We have two process here to extend your cell phone’s battery life.Battery Freezing Technique

First Method- Battery Freezing Method

  Here is a secret method to extend mobile battery life. It is known as freezing technique. This is a free battery reconditioning method. We all have freeze at our home.  Freeze will extend life of our device. Let’s know about the free technique.

  Use your cell phone all day and in the night don’t put it on charge as many users charge their devices in the night. It decreases battery life of the device. Just put out battery from cell phone and keep it in the freezer for all night. Charge battery in the day time and Keep it in freeze at night. Do this process for one week.

  As a result of above battery reconditioning method battery life extends so there is no need to buy another new one in higher prices. There is no requirement to change your cell phone. This is absolutely a free and best technique.

  Do this free simple process for minimum of 3 days by keeping battery in freezer at night and Charge it during the day time.

  The above process is a business now-a-days around us because we don’t know this common simple process. Sellers use this free method and selling reconditioned batteries to earn full profit. You give them your dead battery and they return back it in prices after freezing it for free.

Second Method- Power on-off Method

  Many of the cell phones has inbuilt battery which means these could not be kept out from device. So here is another method. Just let your cell phone power run down until it power offs. Wait of half hour or 25 to 35 minutes rather than charging it. Now power on your phone and use it. Keep it on charger when it shuts off and charge again for half to one hour.

  Repeat this process for three time of fully shutting off and charging again. All of this repeating process will result in extended battery life. This is a simple, free and applied to all cell phone method.  Apply these simple techniques whenever you face cell phone power or battery issues because of efficient and free process. There is no need to go more to battery doctors who reconditions from freezing technique.

  To extend the battery life, charge it when it turns off and don’t keep it on charging for full night. Use these reconditioning methods one time within 4 to 6 months.

  These are not costly or difficult methods and can be applied on every type of battery. Own this process if you have a cell phone battery issue and save your money.